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Limestone: How An Exciting Personalized Dashboard Can Give a Jump-start To Your Workflow

Who knew something so simple could have such a big effect?

I never put much thought into opening a new tab, until I kept feeling stuck at work. I needed a way to relax, get inspired and keep up my motivation, all without interrupting my workflow.

When I found Limestone, it hit the bull’s eye.

Read on to learn about all the great features of this new app, and how it can boost your mood and productivity with just one Command-T.

Inspiring wallpaper images

inspiring wallpapers images

The background images are the most striking Limestone feature.

Beautiful landscapes, images of nature, travel photos, cute puppies and kittens… basically anything you can think of.

They even have dynamic images, like a waterfall where the water moves or a cozy cabin in a dark winter night with falling now.

It’s a well-known fact, proven by science as well as most people’s experience, that we work better when we feel inspired and uplifted. However, we don’t necessarily have to feel inspired about the project we’re working on!

You’ve probably noticed that when you put on upbeat music, you’re more effective even with boring tasks like managing your online banking or cleaning your house.

Just being in a higher mood gives everything a special energy. We can be more creative and productive, and work faster on whatever task is at hand.

These flashes of beautiful images, incorporated into the flow of my online work, is enough to do it for me every time.

Motivational quotes

motivational qoutes


Every day, Limestone offers a new inspiring quote. They come from sources ranging from old Jewish proverbs to Barack Obama. (For example, my quote today is from the last president: “If you’re walking down the right path and you’re willing to keep walking, eventually you’ll make progress.”)

These quotes are sort of like a quieter version of the beautiful wallpapers. They help me maintain motivation and check in with myself throughout the day.

Each one is a little contemplation. If I’m ever flagging, I can just pull up the new tab dashboard and read the quote to myself. I might even close my eyes to really let it sink in.

After this, I’ll usually feel like I can accomplish anything.

To-do list

to do list image

Having a to-do list is an essential part of being efficient and productive. But how many of us craft thorough lists only to leave them gathering dust in some lost iPhone memo or Google Doc?

Instead, with Limestone you can put your to-do list where you can’t avoid it.

You can see it and make changes to it whenever you open a new Chrome tab.

This makes it much easier for me to stay organized – and it keeps me on my toes!

Gmail notifications

Many of us check our inboxes obsessively, and it doesn’t make us any more productive.

For many people, it turns into another distraction. What’s meant to be a convenience becomes instead becomes a ball and chain (“I can’t go more than an hour without checking my email!”) or just a compulsive break in your workflow.

One minute I’m in a good flow, and the next moment I’m loading Gmail, “just in case.”

Limestone gives you a break.

One of its most clever features is that you can set it to tell you whenever you receive a message on Gmail.

When the email comes, a small notification box will pop up on the top right corner of your screen, even if you’re not browsing the internet.

This way, you can say goodbye to constantly checking your email, waiting for important messages to come in. Just sit back and focus on what’s in front of you.


Limestone comes with a handful of other tools that are useful for staying on track.

It provides a clock, local weather and shortcuts to your favorite links. It includes a search bar that you can set for Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, YouTube, Amazon and several other top sites.

Overall, it’s an indispensible working tool. With one quick, free download, I turned my work habits around. I bet it can do the same for you.


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