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Computer Work Taking Its Toll On Your Body? Get Health and Wellness Support From These 7 Chrome Personal Health Dashboard

Hours spent working on the computer are often the time we take the worst care of ourselves. We sit still until our bodies get stiff, slumping into poor posture that would give our mothers a heart attack if they saw. We eat junky snacks, forget to drink and even forget to blink enough.

It seems like your computer is the worst enemy of your health… but what if you could turn it into an ally instead?

That’s the idea behind these 7 new tab extensions for Chrome. Every time you open a new tab, instead of the standard first page, you’ll get a healthy dose of information, motivation and reminders to take action. They will keep you on track not just in your work, but in your life.

1. Tabtics

Tabtics is an all-round health mentor, providing helpful tips set against quietly beautiful background images.

It will remind you to exercise, get enough sleep and eat right, plus some encouragements to help you stay motivated.

If you have a wearable like a FitBit, you can sync it with Tabtics, so your stats will display on your browser and the extension can give you personalized guidance.

tabis personal chrome newtab for health and wellness

2. Healthy Food

If you want to eat healthy, you have to want to eat healthy foods. This sounds redundant, but when you think about it, what stops you from eating right? Probably there’s a part of you that says to eat a kale salad, but what you really want is a slice of pizza.

Sooner or later, your willpower will run out and you’ll ring up Domino’s – unless you learn to crave the foods that are good for you.

The Healthy Food new tab extension is great for this. It shows mouthwatering images of foods that both your taste buds and your whole body will love. Colorful fruits and veggies, salads, wholesome snacks and smoothies… Look at these pictures all day and you’ll be drooling for your next trip to the farmer’s market.

3. Lumosity Break

You’ve probably heard of Lumosity, a brain-training game developed to improve memory, concentration and mental dexterity.

Now, it’s available as a Chrome extension. Whenever you open a new tab with Lumosity Break, you can play a short game. It’s a fun way to challenge your mind and keep yourself fresh throughout the day.

Different games will work on your memory, attention, speed, flexibility, problem solving and more.

4. Delight

A reminder to slow down and reconnect with the rhythms of nature.

The aptly named Delight replaces your Chrome first page with timelapse videos of the most beautiful places on Earth. Whirling night skies, majestic mountains and deserts appear in breathtaking color.

It also gives the time and weather at your location.

5. Limestone

Limestone Chrome new tab extension inspiring quotes

Limestone is the Chrome first page that has something for everyone.

For inspiration, it has a huge collection of gorgeous, dynamic wallpapers, personalized greetings and a daily motivational quote.

For time management, it includes a to-do list and quick links to your top sites.

For searching, it has a search bar that you can set for major search engines like Google or Yahoo, or other sites including YouTube, Amazon, Alibaba and more. (Really, there are a ton of options.)

Plus, you can set it to send you Gmail notifications.

The beautiful backgrounds won me over, but all the practical features make it a complete package. This extension can be used for general wellness and better productivity as well.

6. Present

Present bills itself as “a mindfulness retreat in your browser.” This might be a little strong, but it’s a sweet tool for relaxing and centering in the midst of your activities.

Over inspiring background images, Present shows a motivational quote and a 1-minute mindfulness or yoga exercise that you can do in your chair.

I love this because it gives you a real-world action, not just more information or vague encouragement.

Another nice touch is its water intake monitor, reminding you to get your 8 cups per day. No self-care is complete without proper hydration!

7. Get Fit Now

If you’re mind is on the gym while you’re at work, Get Fit Now is the new tab extension for you. It offers fitness tips, daily worko

ut routines and a calorie calculator, right from your first page.

You can also use it to find healthy, low-calorie recipes, or go straight to a web search through it.

get-fit-now Chrome personal deshboard for health


It’s great to see so many extensions geared towards health and wellness. As you use them, just remember to take their advice into the real world! You can check out some of my previous posts for more in-depth information on staying healthy at your workplace, but in a nutshell: sit up straight, keep water at your desk and get up to stretch every half hour. Your body (and your mind) will thank you.

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