About Us

Limestone is a personalized dashboard Chrome extension that can increase your work productivity, keep

you in a good mood and enliven moments of boredom.

It all started as an idea in John Williams’ head.

Working in the high tech industry, John found himself spending much too much time staring at the screen,

not getting anything done. Sick of constantly procrastinating, John decided to do something about it.

He conversed with other high tech people – designers, coaches and consultants – to understand the most

common problems that working people struggle with.

He wanted to create something that would help people who spend much of their day looking at a digital

screen, something that would make them feel fresh and inspired.

He came up with an amazing idea. He wanted to create a Chrome extension that would give the user

instant access to inspiration, motivation, and practical help with their time management. He envisioned

beautiful, dynamic landscape images that make you feel like you are there, to-do lists, inspiring quotes

and other useful tools to help them accomplish everything on their plate.

Thanks to a team of highly creative people, this dream became a reality and it is now offered to you.

Limestone’s new tab customized dashboard was designed to make your time spent with the computer

more inspiring, effective and pleasant. Limestone is completely free and takes one click to install.

Among the features you get are:

  • Clock
  • Weather report
  • Personalized welcome message
  • Dynamic wallpapers
  • Favorite links
  • Inspiring quotes

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Our Team

John Williams

Entrepreneur, software Developer and adamant hockey fan.

John likes exciting projects and quick thrills.

Limestone is one of his ideas.

His vision is to pass on his love of nature, beauty and “everything wild” to anyone who uses LimeStone.

Mark Levi

Mark is a designer and visual artist from head to toes.

Grew up in Brooklyn and educated in The New School, NYC.

Mark tries to bring his sense of aesthetics and urban mystery to everything he does.

Mark contributes much of his “artist touch” to the Limestone unique look-n-feel.

Monica Diaz

Monica is one of the best internet developers we know.

She has been known to write her first algorithms for the perfect shopping list, when she was 11 years old.

Monica speaks 3 human language and 5 computer ones.

Limestone is located at:

PO Box 660675 #32118
Dallas, TX 75266-0675